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ну нельзя чтобы ГД одна была
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Последние два альбома Калевалы были огого, так что надеюсь на продолжение развития!
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Soulflesh Collector

Год основания: 2004

Russian Extreme Metal Label and Booking since 2004www.sfcollector.ru OUR WEBSTORES: www.sfcollector.bigcartel.com (for international customers), www.ugstore.ru (for russian customers)

Company Overview
SoulFlesh Collector was established in early 2004 as a Concert Agency. One year later, in 2005, SFC started to work as a record label, focusing on Death, Grind, Experimental and their adjacent genres. Since the beginning our goal was to set up and develop a company that helps talented bands and get an audience all over the world. Our work is about making high-quality products, supporting our bands and customers with full efficiency.

SFC works with the bands knowing the sense and what extreme music about, realizing the purposes and prospects in it. Helping to achieve it, we make more and more high demands to ourselves the same as to artists. We prefer to maintain friendly relations with all our partners, and to advance our products in common.

Now SFC one of the most quickly developing and stable labels, working with bands already gained authority and having a considerable quantity of fans worldwide. Our roster consists of artists with whom we successfully work long time and increases towards quality.
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13.11.13 15:11Новый альбом группы ARHIDEUS - Awakening Of Sins (2013)
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25.04.12 07:04Вышел дебютный альбом CALMED BY THE TIDES OF RAIN - Phaeton (2012)
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Мини-альбом (ЕР) (2007)

NABAATH - Back Of Beyond
Альбом (2006)

Альбом (2006)

FETAL DECAY - Amputation Inside
Сплит (2005)

FLESHBOMB - At The First Stage Of Perversion
Альбом (2004)
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